Our Beers

Buckleys currently brews the following four beers for your drinking enjoyment



Buckleys English Pale Ale

A complex ale blended with four malts – one Australian and 3 European. The hops are a combination from all over the world – Germany, England, America and Victoria. The flavours are blended together to give us this well balanced beer with our distinct bitterness.



Buckleys Pilsener

A little more than a standard lager. Although we use the traditional malts and hops for the style – it’s the way we put them together that is the difference. Golden in colour with a solid malt backbone, flowery hop aroma and a dry lingering finish. This Pils is a truly great beer, especially when the weathers warmer.



Buckleys Special Bitter

An ale favoured by serious beer drinkers. Our Special Bitter is a BIG beer brewed to our earliest recipe. The result is a medium amber full flavoured beer balanced with a distinct bitterness with real staying power! This gift is imparted by the generous use of Tetthanger and Fuggles hops.



Buckleys Dark Bock

A rich dark lager – similar in complexity to a stout or a porter though lighter on the palate. The full, rich flavor comes from a blend of five malts that impart hints of chocolate, mocha and caramel. Enjoy year round, especially on those long cold winter evenings.